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IPPA Spring Qtry 0415

IPPA Spring Quarterly Registration is now OPEN!

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Join Ted York Photography and Don Polo Photography at Pictureline on Saturday, April 18th for this two-part, action packed program!

Program 1 – Competition Images; Beginning to End
Presenter: Ted York (M. Photog., CPP, PPA Elite, IPPA Board Member)
Join Ted and learn about the importance of competing in PPA’s international print competition (IPC). Why competing in the local and regional affiliate competitions is an important step in being successful with the IPC. Learn many of the keys to competition he wished he had known when he started. Get the chance to judge for yourself as Ted gives you the chance to choose the winners. Finally, Ted will take you through some of the steps to creating award winning images.

Program 2 – It’s not just business…IT’S PERSONAL!
Presenters: Adilfa and Russ Ford (Cr. Photogs., CPPs, IPPA Past Presidents)
Do you remember why you got into photography in the first place?  Whether it is your passion, or your bread and butter it was probably not so you could spend most of your time in front of a computer! Join Adilfa and Russ Ford as they teach how to transition from a small wedding photography business to a successful high end studio. They will cover their workflow and the ins and outs of their business as well as a few photoshop tips and tricks. They will teach you how to use your best asset for making money…your PERSONALITY. In the ever evolving world of professional photography change is a part of life, sometimes painful, but often times bringing great rewards.  Learn 5 tips guaranteed to help make your phone ring, save you time and money, and increase your sales and profitability.

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