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2014 IPPA Annual Retreat

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PPA Members earn an education merit towards your Masters or Craftman degrees by attending the Tuesday program of Kirk Voclain at the 2014 IPPA Annual Retreat.

September 22-24 at the Timbermoose Lodge just past Heber City, Utah.

Register here.


This program centers on COOLNESS, or popularity, in the eyes of your seniors. Yes, seniors have an opinion, and if they don’t think your studio is the COOLEST, then forget it, they won’t come to you. This ain’t your Momma’s senior portraits. Get ready to learn, laugh, and love taking senior portraits. Kirk will show you all of his secrets to getting that $2000 average. The senior will love you, and the parents will not stop throwing money at you.

This program will help you look at your studio and your studio operations through the eyes of a 17 year old. It will show you some new posing, backgrounds, and marketing ideas. This program will help you open up your mind to look at things in a new way, a bizarro, backwards way of thinking that will have you running to the bank!

This is a fast paced, motivational program using slides and audience participation. This is a must see program for any who photograph seniors or young people.

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