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What’s New

Due to the tremendous response we’ve had for the Studio Lighting and Posing Workshop with Kent Shelton the location has been moved to Nichols Photo Lab. All other details remain the same.

Mentor Workshop FREE to all members and prospective members
October 23 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Nichols Photo Lab
3265 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Studio Lighting and Posing
by Kent Shelton
Master of Photography
PPA Certified

Click this link to register for the Lighting and Posing Workshop or

The success and skill of any photographer depends greatly on a good understanding of “light”. In this class award winning Master Photography Kent Shelton will teach about the basic properties of light and qualities of light.  Then he will teach you to use those to consistently compose beautiful studio portraits. Some of the topics will include: Inverse Square Law, Angle of Incidence, Metering, Lighting Ratios and Portrait Lighting Patterns. No matter your skill level in photography, this workshop will help you to master the basics so you can focus on your creativity.
FREE to all members and guests.
If you are not a member join today and your membership is valid through the end of 2015. Don’t miss any of these free mentor workshops. Use the discount code “nichols35″ for a $10 membership discount.
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