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This just in!:  Kirk Voclain sent me an email earlier today and is offering one free month of Proforum access to everyone who attends the full retreat or the Tuesday only workshop that he is teaching. That is in addition to the PPA merit that you will receive if you are a PPA member. If you are not a member of PPA just join before the retreat and start earning merits towards your degree now.

Full Retreat with food and lodging just $349. We have only 5 beds left in the cabin so register now if you want to hang out with Kirk Voclain and all your IPPA friends for the full 3 days.

Tuesday only just $125 and includes food, the Kirk Voclain workshop, and a PPA merit.

2014 IPPA Retreat Schedule of Events

Monday Sept 22

4:00 PM              Check-in at Timbermoose Lodge
5:00 PM              Dinner
6:00 PM              Shoot Out until Sunset
8:00 PM              Games/Activities/Free Time

Tuesday Sept 23

7:30 AM              Breakfast
9:00 AM              Kirk Voclain:        Become the Coolest Studio in Town                                                          with Senior Portraits
10:30 AM            Break
10:45 AM            Kirk Voclain: continued
12:00 PM            Annual Business Meeting
12:30 PM            Lunch
2:00 PM              Kirk Voclain: continued
3:30 PM              Break
3:45 PM              Kirk Voclain: continued
6:00 PM              Dinner
7:00 PM              Presidents Reception & Dessert
Shoot Out Results
Pool Party/Free Time to follow

Wednesday Sept 24

7:30 AM              Breakfast Buffet
8:00 AM              Jill Bailey:            Maximize Your Client Relationships                                                          by Maximizing YOU!
10:00 AM            Clean-up/Pack
11:00 AM            Check-out/Leave

Saturday pre-retreat special:

Nichols Photo Lab is have their 35th anniversary open house on Saturday, September 20 starting at 9:00am. Nichols is providing free lunch and IPPA is providing four amazing programs also free. For more info and to register click link here.

2014 IPPA Annual Retreat

Kirk Photo-4x6

PPA Members earn an education merit towards your Masters or Craftman degrees by attending the Tuesday program of Kirk Voclain at the 2014 IPPA Annual Retreat.

September 22-24 at the Timbermoose Lodge just past Heber City, Utah.

Register here.


This program centers on COOLNESS, or popularity, in the eyes of your seniors. Yes, seniors have an opinion, and if they don’t think your studio is the COOLEST, then forget it, they won’t come to you. This ain’t your Momma’s senior portraits. Get ready to learn, laugh, and love taking senior portraits. Kirk will show you all of his secrets to getting that $2000 average. The senior will love you, and the parents will not stop throwing money at you.

This program will help you look at your studio and your studio operations through the eyes of a 17 year old. It will show you some new posing, backgrounds, and marketing ideas. This program will help you open up your mind to look at things in a new way, a bizarro, backwards way of thinking that will have you running to the bank!

This is a fast paced, motivational program using slides and audience participation. This is a must see program for any who photograph seniors or young people.

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Bonus Wednesday Morning Program for Full Retreat Members

Jill Bailey, CPP, M.Photog.


Although she hails from the smaller college town of Greeley, Colorado; Jill Bailey has always been one to explore new places and new faces; fired by a deep curiosity for finding out what makes people, places, and things tick.  Jill looks for the details that help to tell the complete story, not just what’s on the surface.

Jill didn’t realize at the time that her creativity and the passion she had for photography in high school should have been her career goal.  Instead, Jill completed her B.S. in Accounting and worked in business for many years while pursuing photography as a hobby, shooting her first wedding in 1993.  Jill made her passion for photography into her full-time career in 2002.

However, some long term benefit was obtained in her study in Human Resources where Jill learned the discipline of factual understanding of different personality types and how to work with them. Jill has continued helping people find and work towards fulfillment of their dreams and living a fulfilling life by serving as a Team Leader for the Love, Courage, and Achievement Project (an organization dedicated to this same mission).   This has taught Jill even more about the human psyche and how to encourage the best out of people which when applied to her photography results in dynamic stories on print and a more satisfactory experience for her clients.

Jill has served on the Professional Photographers of Colorado (PPC) Board since 2006 where she is twice past President of PPC and has served as the Chairman of the Board for 3 years now. Additionally, Jill is the Colorado representative for Southwest Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and serves as a Colorado Council member for Professional Photographers of America.  Jill also travels to photography organizations around the nation for speaking and print judging engagements.

In her free time, Jill also serves on the American Cancer Society (ACS) Leadership Council and has been active in ACS fundraising and awareness for over 16 years.

Jill is a Certified Professional Photographer and earned her Master of Photography degree in 2010.  She will be receiving her Craftsman degree in January of 2015.  She has several PPA Photographer of the Year awards including Gold, and has been published in the international Professional Photographer Magazine.

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See Retreat Slideshow

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